Wednesday, November 03, 2010

October 2010 rundown

Somewhere in Cape Canaveral, November 3, 2010.

Welcome and best of luck to our new Cocoa Beach City Commissioner.

The month of October 2010 saw 45 condo and townhome sales in Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral as reported on the Cocoa Beach MLS. Only four of the sales exceeded $187,000 and 40% closed for less than $100,000. There was one lone sale above the half million dollar mark, a beautiful 4th floor southeast corner at the 5 year old Carlyle in south Cocoa Beach. This unit has 2713 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a 2 car garage and expansive views over the ocean and the three mile wide Banana River across the street. It closed for $590,000 having sold new in 2005 for $850,000. It was offered for $1.15 million in 2007 with no takers.

The 2nd highest priced sale was a 2502 square foot, 5th floor Diamond Bay of Cocoa Beach. This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath unit has expansive Banana River views and a big 2 car garage. Sold for $310,000.

A 3rd floor C building Stonewood 3/2 with a side ocean view sold for $280,000.

A direct ocean Canaveral Towers 2nd floor 3/2 closed for $240,000. Fully furnished with two ocean balconies. This is a weekly rental building with excellent income opportunities for owners who choose to rent.

A 2nd floor direct ocean Sand Dunes 1/1 in Cape Canaveral closed for $187,000. It was fully furnished and came with a 1 car garage.

A direct river Bay Club of Cocoa Beach (across the street from the schools on Minutemen) sold for $175,000. This top floor (2nd) corner unit had 1570 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a boat slip. No garages at this small building.

Mystic Vistas in Cape Canaveral was active in October with four recorded sales as of this morning although there may be some others not accounted for yet. The sales so far recorded ranged from a jaw-dropping $130,000 to $187,000. All were 3/2 units between 1994 and 2010 square feet with garages.

Another Perlas del Mar unit closed as a short sale for $161,000. The train of foreclosures and short sales may be coming to an end in this unfortunately timed complex. Every sale in the last two years there has been either a short sale or a foreclosure. As of this morning there is only one unit actively for sale on the MLS. These big, luxurious units sold for as much as $345,000 new a few years ago.

A direct ocean, 2nd floor, 2/2 southeast corner at Windjammer in Cape Canaveral sold for $160,000, quite a deal even though the unit was in original condition. In fact it was such a compelling price for the buyer that another owner exercised their first right of refusal and bought the unit, pushing the original buyer out.

A 2nd floor direct ocean 1/1 at Royale Towers in Cocoa Beach sold for $150,000 fully furnished with garage.

Two more direct Banana River units sold at Pebble Cove of Cocoa Beach. Both were top (4th) floor 3/2 units with 1344 square feet and garage. One closed for $135,000 and the other, in slightly better condition, sold for $146,000. This same unit sold in March of this year at the same price, $146,000.

An Oak Park townhome in Cape Canaveral closed as a short sale for $128,000. Not bad for a four year old 1855 square foot, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath with 2 car garage. Sold new in 2006 for $299,900.

Two Villages of Seaport 2 bedroom 2.5 bath townhomes sold in the month for $124,000 and $127,000. Both had open parking and were built in 1985. A 1/1 built in 2002 in the same complex sold for $88,000.

Another ground floor lakefront Harbor Isles of Cocoa Beach 2/2 with private garage sold for $120,000.

A Royale Towers C building 1/1 unit on the ground floor closed for $98,000. Had a garage and a tiny peek of the ocean. Sold for $175,000 just three years ago.

Two Banana Bay of Cocoa Beach 2/2 townhomes with open parking closed in the month setting new lows for the complex, one for $90,000 and a foreclosed unit for $68,250.

A four year old 2nd floor 2/2 in Portside Villas Cape Canaveral closed for $89,000. It last sold in 2006 for $195,000.

One of the non-waterfront Four Seasons 2/2 units with open parking sold for $82,500.

Another complex setting a new low was The Diplomat in Cocoa Beach. A ground floor, non-oceanfront 2/1 in need of extensive repairs went for $64,000.

Non-condo residential sales were quite brisk for the month with 14 sales of MLS-listed homes in the two cities. Prices ranged from $105,000 for a 5 year old 2/2 half-duplex with garage in Cape Canaveral to $960,000 for a super nice 4/3 single family on 75 feet of direct ocean beach just south of downtown Cocoa Beach. Cocoa Beach canalfront home sales ranged from $360,000 for a gorgeous remodeled 3/2 with 2373 square feet and pool on Barrello to $201,000 for a 1592 sf home in need of extensive work or possible tear-down on Trinidad.

Deal of the month had to be a 3/2 with 1440 square feet and pool on the canal on Barrello that went for $237,000.

Lowest price for a freestanding single family was a foreclosed, non-waterfront, fixer-upper in Snug Harbor on a .17 acre lot that closed for $123,000.

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  1. I recently saw a listing on Watts Way in Cocoa Beach. It is a short sale listed at 169K. I'm not familiar with the south end of Cocoa Beach. Is this a nice stable area.Would a 130-140K price be in line with recent sales. For a person outside the area it is difficult at best to determine what is a stable and price worthy neighborhood. Thanks for any info.

  2. Watts Way is not in the south end. It's in the central CB area close to downtown. That particular listing is a good one. If the bank approves the $169,000 price it will be a deal for the buyer, in my opinion. Good neighborhood and a good house. Contract is already at the bank.

  3. Hi Larry,
    I live in Stonewood Towers, the condominium with a "guarded entrance?' I wonder why in the listings of this condo they do not state that everyone is under video survelliance by a board that did not care how the owners felt or about these cameras or even as to where they should be installed, and finally where they are installed. I had to look in the "Guard shack" They installed the video cameras in the pool area, hot tub, fitness rooms, and did not tell owners where the cameras were. No signs in the area noting a camera is watching taping and this is lets face it a home to some. Basically, when you walk in the pool a few motion detector camers are on your back and front coming out, right on the "B" buiding wall. Close. Yes, in the day time. This is a pool watched by three buildings. Did it really need security? Most of the people will call on any child jumping, swimming with a tube or eating, as long as it's not their grandchild. Noise is an issue too. Even if its laughing by a group of teenagers it's loud.
    Stonewood should also be considered an over 55 unit, since children and babies interfere with a bunch of over 55 people that make noodles into a U and dangle most of the day, even in 3 feet of water. Not exercising, but talking. Yet, the rules state, no flotation devices allowed in the pool. These people don't like any splashing or noise...especially children.
    I have lived in many condo's but have never seen a more complicated place to live. The rules only apply to some and what exactly is safe and over the line?
    It would appear that instead of catching people breaking rules, such as a child using an inner tube, they would invest in an electronic pool cover since it's been a pretty cold winter and if they don't have help to cover the pool the heater just cranks with no cover. Last winter the pool was rarely covered.
    Oh, and just an end note about Stonewood, there has not been a death in the pool, hot tub or fitness room that I have ever heard of in 30 years so I gotta wonder whats really up with the security cameras? By the way, there are no cameras in places that really need security like the perimeter of the property or covering garage spaces and parking. I did hear that cars were keyed and some kids had cut a wire through the fence between stonewood and Xanadu so they could get passed the guards.
    I take my teenagers away so they avoid being told to keep quiet and not to splash in the POOL and so I don't have to hear via the grapeline my children were a problem. I have very good children, but lets face it, kids are not old and should have fun. Beautiful noise without gossip. There are even "quiet times" don't laugh after dark outside or the guards are called. I would also say don't live here if you want privacy, to enjoy the services listed as "perks" and if you wanted to use a pool to swim or sit quietly and read.
    Many of the people in the building could not walk down the stairs if there ever was a serious situation and the elevators did not work. It is not a wonderful place to live but a great place to be on display. Even untrue stories have been said to others by the "guards" so whose wacthing the guards, the video and why do they really care? I was told all condo's are like this, but I think this one is really very, very special, consider full time babysitting at its best.
    If you'd like, I can send you some photos I took off my balcony after hearing the noise non stop of the noodle people. I think you'd get a kick out of the people that walk to the pool holding a noodle with the mesh in the seat so they don't even have to use a muscle to float, but this is against the rules for babies.
    Any other condos for sale with this kind of service? Let me know because I would stay away.