Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day - Yesterday, as I cruised down the Banana River from Cocoa Beach to Port Canaveral and the ocean, I considered the recent changes in our river shoreline. Beginning in south Cocoa Beach on the river we passed five condo developments under construction and 3 others yet to break ground. As we headed north we saw to the west on the eastern shore of Newfound Harbor in Merritt Island, dozens of large new homes and one new, 3-building condo project. Under the 520 bridge and north to the Port, we saw 4 new developments on the shoreline in Cape Canaveral. There are over 600 new units in just these existing riverfront projects in Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral. Add the planned projects, unfinished new oceanfront and non-waterfront developments and the supply of new units beachside is well over 1000. That's a lot of supply for a market that recorded 39 units sold in the last 2 weeks. Where is the disconnect? There are two distinct sides to the new supply market. One is the pre-construction market which is dominated by investors who rarely plan to live in the units. These sales most often don't show up in our MLS. The secondary market, on the other hand, are the buyers who are purchasing for residences or for second homes. These sales do show up in the MLS and are reflected in the numbers I report here. Draw your own conclusions. Noteworthy this week; sales in the over $500,000 range have ticked upward significantly. Also of note is the fact that mortgage rates continued their fall. Here are the numbers for July 4, 2005.

contracts last 14 days

condos over $500,000___ 8
condo under $500,000__ 31

homes over $500,000____ 5
homes under $500,000___ 3

active listings

condos all prices______417
condos over $500,000__ 124

homes all prices______ 53
homes over $500,000__ 31

Have a safe 4th, use sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids. It's hot out there. Remember, it's a $200 fine for possessing fireworks in Cocoa Beach.