Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Road Less Traveled Gets Some Traffic

I was pleasantly surprised to learn through my Google alerts today that my most recent post, Armed Robbery - Broker Style which also made last week's Carnival of Real Estate had been chosen as one of the nine best blog posts on any subject in the blogosphere last week by Political Calculations. As they put it, Absolutely essential reading! That might be over the top but I'll take it. The subject was important.

[edit-May 23] The same article has been picked up for the Fraudfiles blog over at Sequence Inc., Forensic Accounting Answers.

If you've never used Google alerts, give it a try. Your alert will email you links to any new appearance of your search term on the internet, in this case, "Larry's Take". I would never have known about the selection otherwise.

If you've defaulted on a pre-construction deposit or are thinking about it, I'd like to hear from you. I'm hearing lots of stories now and would like to hear from sources close to the action. I promise confidentiality. With the small number of new deeds being recorded at completed projects, it's become obvious that the number of defaults at some projects is higher than even I expected. You can email me at