Tuesday, December 01, 2009

November Numbers

The Cocoa Beach real estate market maintained it's unseasonably strong pace through November with the year's total sales of condos in Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral exceeding 2008's total (371) before the end of the month. November 2008 saw only 18 closed condo sales in the two cities. Like the rest of the year, sales were concentrated in the lower price ranges with only three of the of 34 total recorded sales (as of this morning) over $325,000, all three at the Meridian on the ocean in north Cocoa Beach. Those units went for $640,000, $535,000 and $510,000.

Sales of note among the rest included;

3rd floor direct ocean Emerald Seas 2/2, 1602 sq ft $325,000

3rd floor south view "C" Mystic Vistas 3/2, 1686 sq ft, furnished $315,000

2nd floor direct Windward East, 1394 sq ft, 2/2, furnished $304,500

3rd floor direct Windrush 2/2, 1495 sq ft, furnished $265,000

2nd floor side view Spanish Main 2/2, 1153 sq ft, furnished $240,000

1st floor Captains Cove canal front w/boat slip, 3/2, 1650 sq ft $215,000

2nd floor Solana Lake 2/2, 1698 sq ft short sale $200,000

5th floor Solana Lake 2/2, 1828 sq ft short sale $190,000

2nd floor direct Royale Towers 1/1, 888 sq ft, furnished $180,000

4th floor south view River Lakes 2/2, 1244 sq ft $169,000

2nd floor direct river Cape Shores 2/2, 1034 sq ft furnished $128,000

6 yr old foreclosed Cape Gardens townhouse 3/2, 1706 sq ft $114,000

All of these had garages with the exception of the Cape Shores unit. More sales from November are sure to push the total number up as tardy listing agents update the MLS. I'll edit this post with the updated numbers in a few days with a graph of the year so far. For what it's worth, there are 103 condos under contract but not yet closed in the two cities.

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