Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day from Cocoa Beach

Happy Memorial Day. I have decided to begin posting MLS stats again even though the accuracy is still doubtful. Treat these numbers as a general view of our market and not as exact statistics. Our system is still being manipulated intentionally and accidentally. One other misleading factor in these numbers is the high number of Portside units being closed now as the buildings have finally begun closing after a long delay. Many of these sales were contracted a year ago or more and don't really reflect recent activity. They will continue to close at a more rapid rate in the next few months and will inflate the total of closed listings.


Total condos and townhouses___1047
Total single-family homes______138

Total closed in April_____53
Total closed in March____74
Total closed in February__43
Total closed in January___24

A few outstanding buys from this past week;

6th floor direct ocean, 2/2, 1350 sq.ft. for $299,900 This unit needed work but at this price, was still an incredible deal. It sold immediately.

Brand new, 2/2 upstairs Portside unit with vaulted ceilings $178,000

Brand new, 1/2 upstairs Portside unit with vaulted ceilings $137,000

Those of you hoping to pick up deals in this market can see from these examples that some sellers are starting to capitulate. Call me or email if you want to be on my alert list when these deals show up. Larry 321.917.5786

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