Sunday, March 06, 2022

Sky's the Limit

In a post from this same weekend in 2018, I commented that pricing was getting ahead of itself with 44 units asking over $300 per square foot while only three condos had closed so far that year in that range. Jump to March 2022 and, as of this morning, 46 units have closed for more than $300/sq ft, with eighteen of those fetching over $400/sf. Sales of units commanding top dollar are no longer restricted to a specific property type and/or condition but are spread across multiple complexes with $400+/sf sales happening at Ocean Oaks, Stonewood, Xanadu, Canaveral Towers, Las Palmas, 2100 Towers, Park Place, Royal Mansion, Spanish Main, Royale Towers, Ocean Pines, Sandcastles and Riomar among others. Not all of these oceanfront units had garages.

MLS inventory of existing condo units in Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral the last few weeks has bounced around between 35 and 45 units while single-family home inventory has stayed between 13 and 19 for sale at any moment. Since Feb. 1 a total of 76 condo units have closed along with 13 single-family homes. Thirty of those closed sales since Feb. 1 were at least $500,000 with five of those over a million dollars. 

Most fairly priced new listings are getting multiple offers quickly and buyers are getting aggressive with their numbers and terms. It's not uncommon to see inspections and appraisals waived and many buyers are offering on properties sight-unseen. With so much competition, sellers are becoming more discerning with the offers they will entertain. They are wisely expressing concern with offers well above asking if they don't waive appraisal. Likewise, sign-unseen offers may be perceived as too risky. Buyers need to discuss all angles with their agent to figure out how to craft an offer than can compete. The less uncertainty an offer carries, the more well-received it will be. Expect the others to be offering cash with no contingencies and be prepared to lose to a crazy high offer. One last thought about multiple offers; a buyer who loses a unit to a higher offer will now be using that selling price as the new comp when they make their next offer. It's become a pay now or pay later dynamic.

Best of luck to buyers who are in the hunt. Be smart and quick with your offers and have an agent who knows the market and understands the competitive environment. Every edge matters and having a slow agent who doesn't understand our market dynamics or how to write a competitive offer will hurt you. Keep the offers as clean as possible, be prepared to pay more than you think it's worth (right now) and don't be slow to make an offer on a good property.

"Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours." __Ludwig van Beethoven