Saturday, June 10, 2006

Random deals

I snapped the photo above of Harbor Isles in south Cocoa Beach from the river this past week as I cruised by. It's hard to believe that a 3 bedroom unit completely and tastefully remodeled in this complex is being offered for $240,000. This particular offering effectively renders all other non-direct river units in the complex dead in the water until it is sold. It is priced below 5 other smaller 2 bedroom units and all the other 3 bedroom active units in Harbor Isles and is $52,000 below what an identical floor plan sold for in March of this year.

How about the River Lakes complex next door in the photo below. A remodeled 2/2 unit in this building is being offered for $249,000. This compares to an identical floor plan that sold one year ago for $300,000. Not only can you get a $50,000 discount, but, boat slips are available for the asking, no charge.

Summer is here and life, as always, is good in Cocoa Beach. Email me with any thoughts, questions or observations about real estate, fishing or life in Cocoa Beach. I'll close with a Cocoa Beach sunflower.