Sunday, February 20, 2022

Snooze and Lose

Property sales in Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral continue at a furious pace even as inventory hovers at just less than a month's supply. After declining steadily for sixteen years we seem to have settled into a precarious just-in-time balance between sales and new listings. There have been 115 new condo listings since Jan. 1. Eighty of those new listings have already found a buyer. During the same seven week period 104 condo units have closed, eleven of those in the unexplored range over $400/sq ft. There are currently 47 existing units offered for sale with another four proposed units available for reservation. Of the units currently offered for sale only half have been for sale longer than three weeks. I wonder why the units that have been on market for over 30 days have not sold yet. Could it be price?

There are a total of thirteen existing single family homes for sale in our two cities. Thirteen homes have closed since start of the year only four of which were under $500,000. The lowest priced current listing is $499,900.

As in previous years, over half of this year's condo sales so far have been for cash. Mortgage-seeking buyers are adapting in order to compete by dropping contingencies. I have rarely written offers in the past waiving inspections or appraisal but that has become normal. If the time period will allow for it, a buyer can offer cash and still get a mortgage in time for closing. In that scenario, the buyer better have a local lender who understands condo loans and can perform with a tight time period. If the lender isn't ready by close date, it's either close with cash or lose the deposit. I would not recommend offering cash intending to get a mortgage with an out-of-town lender nor if I didn't have the liquid cash to close with. Prudent listing agents are asking for increased deposits with cash offers to ensure commitment and to penalize failure. Buyers, prepare your offers accordingly and know that contingencies of any kind weaken your offer and open the door to a competing buyer who offers without contingencies. Good luck and be prepared to move quickly and decisively.

"I know worrying works, because none of the stuff I worried about ever happened." ___Will Rogers