Sunday, January 19, 2014

Serendipity or Crafty Marketing?

And so it goes. I went to Satellite Beach yesterday to check out what looked to be a compelling oceanfront condo listing that had just been reduced to $245,900. The unit was described in the MLS as "Sought after South East corner condo with awesome ocean views".  Not a bad price for an upper floor, direct ocean southeast corner with 1305 square feet. I arrived to discover that the unit was a southwest corner on the A1A side with a north facing front door not west facing as indicated in the MLS. There was not a single east facing window or slider in the unit. The views of the ocean over the parking lot and adjacent property were nice. Now I realize a lot of people have trouble with directions and confuse east, west, north and south. Maybe that's the case here. Serendipitous mistake for the listing agent if it is. She got me there and has probably fielded quite a few inquiries. Maybe she's even been successful at steering a buyer disappointed with this unit to another bona fide southeast corner. Mistakes can be profitable.

The photo is of the beach at the end of Minutemen this past Friday. You can probably guess from where the shot was taken.

"Sometimes serendipity is just intention unmasked.” __Elizabeth Berg