Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Meet the Buyers

Who's buying in Cocoa Beach these days? The media would have you believe that foreign buyers are buying sizable amounts of property in Florida. While that may be true elsewhere in the state, it's never been true here. Our buyers are, surprise, overwhelmingly Floridians. I looked at the 25 most recently recorded sales on the property appraiser's site which today includes sales between Feb. 21, 2013 and March 20, 2013. As is usually the case, most of those 25 buyers of property in Cocoa Beach last month, six, already live in Brevard County and are buying for reasons other than primary residence. Another five, current residence location unknown, bought for primary residence. Of the remaining buyers, three live elsewhere in Florida and there were two each from Canada and Colorado. Another six were from eastern seaboard states with a last lone buyer from Michigan. Welcome to all our new neighbors.

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