Monday, August 27, 2012

Warm, green and fuzzy

This post is a little off the usual subject but relevant. For sellers and listing agents; You may want to occasionally visit your property if no one is living there as bad things sometimes happen to vacant property. Of particular concern is keeping the air conditioning set low enough (and making sure it's working) during the warm months to prevent mold and mildew. The photo at the left is from a very nice oceanfront condo that has an asking price of  $400,000. Apparently no one has been inside in a while. The AC is either not doing it's job or it's been set high to save a few dollars on electricity. In either case, the green fuzzy stuff you see on those utensils is mold prospering in the warm, damp conditions. Check your vacant properties often. Speaking of warm and damp, that's exactly the conditions this morning in Cocoa Beach as we are getting the blustery outside rain bands of Tropical Storm Isaac hundreds of miles away in the Gulf.

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