Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A random walk down A1A

It's been an interesting year. I have seen abundant displays of greed, incompetence,  braggadocio, laziness, some old-fashioned craziness and, in the interest of fairness, a few cases of extreme professionalism. No, I'm not talking about Presidential candidates or Wall Street CEOs. I'm referring to my fellow practitioners of the gentle art of used condo sales. As sales have ramped up this year some of the boys and girls of real estate have been behaving with the grace of mace-wielding shoppers clutching two dollar, Black Friday waffle irons. 

One random example: A listing broker told me recently that he was making so little money on his flat-rate listing that he wasn't going to expend any effort or expense to try to get our contract to close. This over a small issue that might have killed the sale. Problem with this flat-rate listing approach besides making very little money for him is that he doesn't care if the listings sell. The seller saved some money but probably had no idea how close his low-bid listing broker came to dumping the sale days before closing. We did close, no thanks to him. I wonder if the five other flat rate listings for the same seller are still languishing unsold because of the same self-inflicted lack of motivation.

Unrelated change of subject; While blistering condo sales in 2011 were getting all the attention, single-family homes were having an equally stellar year. Since January 1, 110 homes have sold in Cocoa Beach. Compare that to today's total for sale inventory of 60 properties. Canal and riverfront homes make up about half our home sales in Cocoa Beach and the numbers there are similar to the whole; 56 sold in 2011 and 28 actively for sale today.

A few random, pretty pictures for your consideration;

"The commitment to repaying a debt is inversely proportional to the age of the debt." _____Larry