Friday, June 20, 2014

Are You a Tax Evader?

Unless you have a written lease for longer than six months, when you rent your Florida property you are required to collect 6% tax for the State of Florida and the appropriate tax for the county, 5% here in Brevard County. That tax must be remitted with the tax returns by the 20th of every month to both the State and the County. The State has employees who regularly cruise the vacation rental websites like VRBO and Homeaway looking for owners whose properties are being offered for periods of less than six months. If you'd like to come into compliance before you get the nasty letter or phone call, visit for state license application and sales tax number. You'll also need to check with your county (Brevard County info here) and city to make sure you're in compliance with everyone. Here is the form for Cocoa Beach. It's a pain in the butt but it's the law.

Locals with kayaks and the knowledge have been catching giant tarpon and monster jacks off the beach in the calm conditions of the last few weeks. A hundred pound plus silver king out of a kayak is an experience not soon forgotten.