Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Catch-up on October activity

I am back. Thanks to the tolerance of those who've had to deal with my very sporadic access to email and total lack of cell phone service for the last two weeks. I am freshly recharged and here for you again. For the record, I was delivering a boat from Florida to Abaco in the eastern Bahamas. Weather was mainly perfect and the diving was a welcome change from our less than clear and always deep waters offshore central Florida. The tasty crustaceans pictured were welcome visitors to the dinner plate most nights. Lobsters the size of the two larger ones are unusual in the Bahamas but are there if you know where to look. For perspective, the smallest one pictured is just barely legal size. Easy access to these abundant and beautiful waters is just another plus of living in Cocoa Beach. One hour from Melbourne International Airport by air.

During the two weeks there has been brisk activity in the Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral real estate market, mainly in condos. A total of 22 units closed in my absence. Sales ranged from a high of $347,500 for a remodeled and fully furnished, direct ocean 6th floor Emerald Seas 3/2 to $42,776 for a foreclosed Lamp Post 1/1 that was listed for $29,900. That's 43% over asking price. Competition in the lower price ranges has become fierce as supply has dried up. A slightly larger Star Beach foreclosure closed for $35,700.

A couple of short sale 3/2 units on Orlando Ave. one block from the beach were picked up by an investor for $65,000 and $85,000. Both sold for $6000 over asking.

A Portside Villas 2/2 ground floor sold as a short sale for full asking price, $89,900. It took about 2.5 months from contract to close. This particular unit sold new in 2006 for $229,900.

A direct ocean, top floor (5th) Sand Dunes in Cape Canaveral sold as a short sale for $305,000. It is a 3/2 with 1612 square feet and a garage. This particular short sale was previously approved by the bank with another buyer at $325,000. When that buyer walked I presented an offer for my client for $305,000 and we were able to get approval at the $20,000 lower price.

A 4th floor Treasure Island Club 2/2 in Cape Canaveral overlooking the manatee canal sold for a remarkable $110,000 as a court ordered sale. It has 1200 square feet and an excellent view.

In another short sale, someone bought a 1st floor direct ocean Sand Pebbles 3/2 with 1375 square feet and garage for $195,000.

A gorgeously remodeled 2/2 Beachwalk canal-front unit with deeded boat slip and garage sold for $165,000. It has 1479 square feet. This sale pushes the comps up in this complex after the last two sales recorded for $130,000 each.

A 3rd floor 2100 Towers 2/2 with a peek of the ocean closed fully furnished for $168,000. It has a remodeled kitchen but no garage.

Another of the Sea Spray townhomes in Cape Canaveral sold as a foreclosure for $91,000 which was $1100 above asking price. These units sold new in 2006 for $315,000. Garage, 1702 square feet and 3 bedrooms and 3 baths.

A direct ocean North Triton Arms 2 bedroom 1.5 bath, 2nd floor unit in downtown Cocoa Beach closed for full asking price, $175,000, after two days on the market.

Buyers take note. If you see "bank-approved" price on a short sale listing it usually means that the first buyer walked after the bank issued the approval letter. There are many reasons for walking away. Sometimes the buyers have found something else during the often-long wait but many times the bank approved price is higher than their initial contract and they refuse to move up to the approved price which may still be in "smoking deal" range. What it means for the next buyer is that, if they are good with the approved price, they can usually close in less than a month. Just because the first buyer walked doesn't mean the approved price is not a deal.

I will resume my usual schedule of updates now. Wind is honking in Cocoa Beach and the island I just left is preparing for Tropical Storm (soon to be Hurricane) Sandy.

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