Friday, July 08, 2022

Retrograde Burn Initiated

Inventory of existing condos and townhomes in Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral stands at 88 units this morning plus another four pre-construction units. Median asking price is $460,000. There are 29 existing single family homes offered with a historically high median asking price of $1,000,000. In addition, there are six yet-to-be-built homes offered for reservation in south Cocoa Beach.

Seven single family homes closed in the month of June at prices between $1,750,000 and $370,000, only one unit for less than $650,000. During the month 58 condos and townhomes closed at prices between $1,217,000 and $128,500 with a median selling price of $330,000.

New contract activity has slowed with only 40 condo units contracted in the last four weeks, over half in the first three weeks on the market. Nine single family homes have found a buyer during the same four week period. One notable statistic has been a shift in activity to lower priced units. Thirty of the 37 units contracted in the period were asking less than the current median asking price of $460,000. That illustrates a pretty wide gap between what's for sale and what's selling. Another shift is the number of buyers using a mortgage to purchase. Historically over half of our condo sales have been for cash. Since June 1, only 40% of condo sales were cash deals. That's surprising considering the rapid increase in mortgage rates this year. We had a welcome pull-back in rates this week with the average 30 yr fixed rate mortgage at 5.672% as of yesterday's survey.

My takeaway and observation is that there is a widening separation between buyers and sellers. Sellers in the higher price range above the median are enjoying less buyer interest except in the case of unique properties. Buyers getting a mortgage are looking at a monthly payment that is about 40% higher today than it would have been last year even after the big pull-back this week. Add in higher prices, condo fees and insurance and the climate for continued appreciation is not favorable. Those who are selling and not getting any activity need to ask themselves if this is a typical pause in a hot market or if something has changed and respond accordingly. What the neighbor got for their property in April may not be a realistic benchmark in a changing market. Buyers may still find themselves in multiple offer scenarios for desirable properties but now have the backstop of increasing inventory and cooling demand. The pressure to pay whatever it takes to win is not as applicable as it was two months ago. Best of luck to those looking to participate. Do your homework, know what's happening now with prices and inventory and adjust your strategy and expectations if the current conditions differ with your earlier expectations.


Told you so - from a post I did in December 2014:

The Cocoa Beach Pier was sold to Westgate Resorts of Orlando who have begun total renovation of the 52 year old landmark. I expect big things and probably a challenge of the height and density limits for a new structure on the parking lot. That will be highly contentious if it happens.

And just reported: 

Cocoa Beach commissioners voted 4-1 Thursday to allow Westgate Resorts to build a six-story resort at Cocoa Beach Pier (above the maximum permitted building height of 45 feet) paving the way for the resort and parking garage off Meade Avenue.

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