Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ahhhh-Choooo, sniffle sniffle

If you've not been in Cocoa Beach or the other beaches of central east coast Florida in the last month you've missed our most unwelcome visitors of the year, billions, if not trillions, of the dinoflagellates, Karenia brevis, also known as red tide. The photo above is of one of the tiny boogers. In the massive blooms like the one we are currently experiencing, the irritants released into the air and atomized by the surf induce coughing and sneezing fits. Some outdoor beachside establishments like the Beach Shack have actually closed on particularly bad days. Luckily, I can only remember 3 outbreaks like this in the last 20 years. Some of the Gulf coast communities of Florida have to deal with this on a much more regular basis.

On a brighter note, our inventory has dropped to it's lowest level of 2007. Single family home supply is almost the same as at our peak in March this year but condo supply has been reduced by over 150 units since that time. November sales were below last year's with only 16 closed condos and 5 single family homes. I am continuing to put deals together at a steady pace as sellers are becoming more willing to accept the reality of the market.

MLS inventory Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral Dec. 13, 2007

Single family homes__156

I enjoyed seeing many of you at our office Christmas party last week. A good time appeared to be had by all. I was a little tardy making it to the grilled shrimp station and missed out completely. I hear they were outstanding. Thanks to all the artists who showcased their art.