Saturday, April 24, 2010

Slack and slacker

All 96 of the sea oat seedlings that I planted on
the beach a couple of months ago are flourishing.

I am showing four condos today. I called yesterday for showing instructions. Two of the offices required that I call the listing agent directly for showing instructions. Neither of those agents answered their phones. I left messages for both. One called three hours later and told me that there was not a lockbox on the 3-day old listing but that she would try to get one on before my showing today. I'm cautiously optimistic that we will be able to get in that unit. The other agent has yet to return my call. I wonder if her clients, the sellers, are aware that some potential buyers can't gain access to their unit.

Incidentally, when the first agent returned the call I suggested that she mark her lockbox when she left it so that I and other buyers' agents could distinguish which box belonged to her listing. This particular building has a secure lobby and all lockboxes are in the same area outside. She responded that that wouldn't be necessary as hers was the only listing in the building. Unknown to her, there is another much nicer listing in the building that is priced $100,000 less than hers. It's been on the MLS for 30 days. Also of interest is the fact that the last four sales in the building, all of units in better condition than hers, were for prices at least $150,000 less than her quixotic, blue sky number. It's clear that this agent did not do any research before taking this listing. We are looking at the unit today knowing that at some point in the future, if the sellers are serious about selling, they will have to price it realistically and perhaps we will still be in the market at that time.

These are not isolated incidents. There are many agents and brokerages that contribute more obstacles than solutions for their clients who are hoping to sell. Sellers would be well-advised to do a little homework before selecting a listing agent. A lazy or unqualified listing agent will, at best, hinder and, worst case, prevent a listing from selling. There are many professional and knowledgeable listing agents and offices. Seek them out if you want to sell. By the way, the other offices that I contacted yesterday had showing instructions at their fingertips and I was cleared to show within a few seconds of calling.

" gotta buy groceries before you can cook."

______Spinal Tap