Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Couple of Shout-Outs

Just wanted to give a shout out to the listing agent who neglected to put her email address or her cell number in her Cocoa Beach condo listing. My clients asked late Friday afternoon to include your listing in our showings for Monday morning. The appointment phone number you gave in the listing was to an office that was closed all weekend. Unfortunately, because of your omissions your client's unit wasn't able to be shown. Perhaps they've instructed you to make it difficult to show. I understand your weekend vacation was a blast.

Shout out number two goes to the off-duty gate guard walking his dog at a popular Cocoa Beach oceanfront condo complex when I pulled in to show a unit for sale last week. You decided to approach me AND my clients to launch a tirade about my parking technique not being to your satisfaction. Rather than pull me aside to discreetly express your displeasure at my slight infraction, you decided to launch an angry attack directly in front of my clients. You're hurting the very people who pay your salary with that behavior. I and my clients and, I think, even your little dog were embarrassed for you. If the homeowners knew how you were conducting yourself in front of potential buyers and new neighbors, you'd probably be out the cushy gate job. As Don Henley said, "Keep carrying around that anger, it'll eat you up inside." Yours is the first face visitors see when entering the complex. First impressions and all that.

Condo and townhouse for-sale inventory in Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral has climbed back above the 200 mark with 204 units for sale this morning. A total of 26 units have received accepted contracts since November 1. In the same period six single family homes have gone under contract with 56 still for sale. Half of the total combined residential inventory has been on the market more than two months, an indication of the picked over nature of our tight inventory. The priced-right properties are usually under contract in days. The over-priced ones tend to linger.

Hope everyone is enjoying the mild temperatures. We are forecast to break 80 today for the first time in several days after lingering in the high 70s. The wind has shut down most ocean fishing since it cranked up this weekend. I did manage to slip out for a couple of hours last week to land a couple of giant catch and release redfish in the Canaveral Bight. River fishing is still on fire with redfish, trout, snook and tarpon there for those who know where and how to catch them.

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Unless they're darker than, say, beige."- Statue of Liberty inscription if written by Donald Trump