Saturday, August 23, 2008

Notable August Condo Sales

Spotted dolphins playing around the boat in the ocean off Cocoa Beach.

As of this morning, August 23, we have had 18 closed condos in Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral in the month of August. Notable sales included:

Lowest price was $59,999 for a small 2/1, Star Beach unit in Cape Canaveral. This unit sold after being listed for only 3 weeks. The seller took 86% of his asking price of $69,900.

The highest price so far this month was $440,000 for a fully furnished, 3rd floor Mystic Vistas unit in the A building with an ocean view. This unit sold in 76 days for 88% of asking price. The selling price was $189,900 less than the seller paid for it in June of 2005.

A 3rd floor corner, direct Banana River 3/2 at Solana River closed for $350,700 after being listed for only 25 days. The seller got 95% of his asking price but sold for $84,300 less than he paid in March of 2005.

A 1725 sq.ft., 3rd floor, 2/2 Shorewood unit with a peek of the ocean sold for $236,000 after being listed five different times for an astounding combined 997 days with an original asking price of $464,900. It closed for 79% of the last asking price but almost double what the sellers paid when it was new in 1996. This is an extreme and costly example of chasing the market down and clinging to unrealistic expectations.

One of the bigger, 2348 sq.ft., Puerto del Rio units with a good river view from the massive, 4th floor wrap- around balcony closed for $233,000 or 78% of the original asking price in January this year. This was $54,000 less than the owner paid new in December 2003.

A Banana Bay townhome in Cocoa Beach sold for $161,000 in just 56 days, 89% of asking price.

And a Portside 1/1 with 943 sq.ft. sold for $92,000, lowest price yet in Portside and $23,900 less than paid for this unit brand new just two years ago.

We've seen four single-family homes close so far this month, all in Cocoa Beach, with waterfront prices from $340,000 to $570,000.

MLS inventory Aug 23, 2008 Cocoa Beach & Cape Canaveral

Condos, all prices_____742
over $500,000________93
Single family homes___119
over $500,000_________44

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