Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things that make you go, "Huh?"

For your consideration, a few interesting new listings. Apparently denial is alive and prospering in the summer heat. At a small oceanfront building near the Pier we have two, both with 910 square feet and partially obstructed side ocean views from their tiny balconies; a 4th floor 2/2 asking $274,900 and a 3rd floor at $260,000. Last sales of side view units in this building over two years ago were at prices between $202,000 - $215,000. Two years later these new listings are asking over $100 per square foot more than recent sales of direct, east facing units in brand new buildings. These are in a 37 year old building in need of repair and have no garage. Weekly rentals are allowed but $300+ per square foot? Come on.

How about an original condition 31 year old Cape Canaveral 3rd floor direct ocean 2/2 condo with 1222 sq ft asking $350,000 or $286/sf? Wait, it has a garage and comes completely furnished with old furniture. Really?

How about a newer (1996) north side view 7th floor, 3 bedroom 2.5 bath unit with 2100 square feet asking $669,900. Before you spit out your coffee I'd like to remind you that it is fully furnished and has a 2 car garage. Surely that justifies $319/sf.

There are plenty of overpriced listings but some, like these, are so outrageous as to defy logic. If you want to sell, do your homework, know the market and price accordingly. The power of positive thinking is not going to make Sasquatch appear with a suitcase of cash ready to overpay for your condo. This post from 2009 still applies.

"I don't know whether I'd rather be shot as a crook or as an idiot." Mike Muckleroy speaking about Ken Lay's comment that he too had been hurt by Enron's demise as his net worth was down to less than $20,000,000.