Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Dog Ate Your Showing Appointment

What is the best excuse a listing agent can give for not showing up to an appointment to show a luxury oceanfront condo? I tend to doubt the "I had car trouble and forgot to call" or "in the hospital" excuses that came from the same agent this week on two successive days to two different agents. She probably never dreamed that the agents, from different brokerages, would randomly mention their bad experiences with her to one another. Her client, the property owner, would probably not be pleased to know about that or that she refused to show the property another time this week with a 12 hour notice saying that the out-of-town buyers, if serious, should be willing to fly back down to see the unit when it was convenient for her. I'm waiting for "my dog ate the appointment calendar." Her friction to showing might explain why this attractively-priced property has been for sale for almost five months while other units are selling in less than a week. She may have agreed to a reduced commission rate and is regretting it after the fact and is just doing the minimum hoping for a miracle in spite of her resistance. Who knows?

Listings with easier access are selling fast. Since March 1, fifty-five condo units have gone under contract, twenty-five in a week or less on the market, ten of them asking $499,000 or more. All price ranges are active right now with waterfront, both ocean and river, especially strong.

There are currently 155 existing waterfront units for sale in Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral with another 12 to-be-built units offered. Asking prices range from $74,900 to $1.13 MM. For those looking there are possibilities. As always the ability to know what price is fair is paramount.

The old Cocoa Beach Publix that was torn down and currently being rebuilt is taking shape and we just heard that the newly remodeled Cocoa Beach Winn Dixie will not be among the 37 WD stores slated for closure in Florida. The Cocoa Beach City Commission has been discussing and taking public comment about relaxing the 45' height restriction and whether to allow dogs on the beach. Opinions on both sides of both issues are heated. Change is afoot.

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  1. Hi Larry. Thank you for your blog. I was wondering what restrictions, if any, apply when building on Cocoa Beach Oceanfront. Are the rules the same for condos and homes? How tall of a structure can you place on a smaller lot? How many stories can a 45 foot elevation produce? How far back from the beach does the structure need to be? Thank you for any time you give these questions.

  2. Height limit of 45' pertains to all. You might squeeze five floors in with 8' ceilings depending on elevation of first floor and roof design. Four is far easier. Most remaining lots are so small that the ground floor is needed for parking. The Coastal Construction Line determines how far east the structure can be. You can get a good idea where that line is by looking at newer buildings. Most were built right up to the line.

    Thanks for reading.

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  4. Hope realtors read what you said about pictures. When first searching for a place I would pass by blurred pics because it said to me if they did not care how it looks on a site then they may not be that great of a realtor, with sub par property (may be the blurring was hiding something). When we went to rent ours we took our own pics and canned the realtor because of the pictures, to us it was a reflection on how motivated he was to rent it.

  5. Where is this fabulous dog mural?

    1. That's in downtown Dunedin just west of Clearwater. Cool little town.